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Most of moving companies inOakland, CAprovide ordering a procedure

  • You leave the order by phone listed on the site
  • The managers will be happy to answer your questions, write down your requirements and wishes, advise on the price of the service, you also have the opportunity to invite an appraiser;
  • At the time agreed with you, the movers will come to you and do the work;

In addition, you can call and get a free consultation. Order from us movers, any transport, or assistance in moving and you will be satisfied, as well as hundreds of the partners who recommend Oakland movers to friends and acquaintances!

Most of the moving companies inOakland are pleased to meet your needs in short terms and for acceptable fee.

Seven Seas Hauling and Deliveries Company

R L.Cool guy. Was able to come the next day at 8 AM. It was very convenient for me. Just helped him throw the mattress into the truck and that was that! Saved me a lot of time at a reasonable price.

Ben P.Aaron was great to work with to get rid of some old furniture.  He was professional, punctual, and affordable – would recommend to anyone.

Andrea O.If I could give zero stars, I would. I’ve been trying to sell furniture on Craigslist, and despite checking the option not to be contacted by anyone offering services, these people continue to spam me every time I post. This is against the Craigslist rules. I can’t speak to their actual moving or hauling services, but I know I don’t want someone who contacts sellers and tells them something like this: “we would recommend adding this to your ad: ‘I know some guys with pickups who can deliver this anywhere in the Greater Oakland-Berkeley area for an extra cost of $40.  If interested, please call/txt Aaron at 510-255-5330, Joel at 510-499-0487, or the Berkeley-Oakland Delivery and Hauling Co-op at 510-250-7266.'”Don’t trust Craigslist ads that mention them. They’ve probably never used their services or even know them.

Gina B.Found Joel through Craigslist. We texted on Friday to organize a job where he would move a couch from the north bay to Oakland. I needed to see the couch in person, so I told him I would let him know after Sunday about the status and timing of the job. On Monday when I reached out to see if he was available the following weekend to do the job, he had “deleted my information” and then said he had to “pass on the job”. No idea why the breakdown in communication over a 4 day period, but here I am down a couch mover. Do not recommend, Joel was confusing and unreliable.

Bay Area Box & Moving

  1. C.Fans of Warren &Tony, fear not — New owners, but same great service! Thanks, Peter, for excellent communication and super-friendly delivery. This is my 3rd time using Bay Area Box in the last 10 years. I really hope I don’t have to move again anytime soon… but if I do, I know who I’ll be calling. Again. Thanks guys!

Jay D.I called on Wednesday, went through an easy scheduling process, and Warren showed up on Friday morning at the appointed time with everything I’d requested plus a few extras. Super nice guy and painless, reliable service. Highly recommended!

Mike L.According to all the positive reviews, I thought Bay Area Box & Moving might be a good company to move with.  Unfortunately, upon calling them I discover that they only way they move is by hourly rate.  If you can’t look at the job and quote me a price, I have no confidence in your abilities to do the job.

Commander Moving, Inc.

M R.I used Commander 4 years ago – it was a great experience. Coordinated, good communication, fair price.  So when I was moving again (yes, again) I called on Commander.  I also called a couple of more local movers but Commander (working from Oakland) gave me a better price moving from Ukiah than movers in Healdsburg or Santa Rosa.  Once again, great work.  Thanks Ross, Honza, Mike, Dominik, Brian, Kevin, Mike and Ciaran.

Lisa S.I’ve worked with Commander Moving for two separate moves. In both cases they were responsive, professional, and overall excellent. They handled the ridiculous number of stairs at both locations, and came in under their estimate. I’d book them again anytime.

Mia D.I reached out to this moving company based on the stellar reviews on Yelp and wasn’t impressed at all. First. I got a really long generic email in response to my inquiry saying that they weren’t available on my desired date. I emailed them back but didn’t get a response so I called them. The gentleman who answered wasn’t too keen on answering my questions about the pricing. He offered alternate dates that didn’t work for me. He then suggested I try their competition if I wanted someone unprofessional, etc. His response to my next question about pricing also included a suggestion to go with their competitor. At this point, I told him that I didn’t care for his attitude and would take his advice to check out their competition. Very disappointing.

Sarah B.I am wondering if these people are still in business.  I have called their office multiple times…only get an answering machine…have left a message and they never call me back.  I have emailed them and they never reply.  So what’s up?  Too busy?  Not working any more?  In the meantime, I have contacted other moving companies with great Yelp reviews who have responded within minutes and have come over to give me a quote within a day.

Lulu’s Hauling

Jan S.Joseph and his wonderful crew, Jose, Earl, and Henry, packed up my entire 1700 square foot condo and put it into storage until my home is built.  The move went extraordinarily smooth and came in UNDER BUDGET.  They will move me into my new home when it’s done.  I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Max C.Lulu’s is nothing but awesome.  Lulu’s has moved us twice in the last two years.  All the other reviews regarding their abilities and professionalism are spot on.  No doubt moving is stressful, but whatever glitch came up there “get it done” attitude without complaining made the day easier to get through.  I don’t usually write Yelp reviews, but these guys deserve it,  Now if I could only get my LuLu’s t-shirt.

T D.I found them to be a little pricey and averagey.  Nice people just not sure it was the highest quality that I was seeking.  I feel a little nickle and dimed for example they charged me for packaging paper yet didn’t offer to reiumburse me for breaking and knocking down more than one of my succulents (after i even asked to help out because i knew they were heavy)  They also bent the bottom of my tv stand and a few other minor problems.  I just felt a little disappointed but overall okayish. For the record it was a hot day and I did leave a tip still,

D W.I called and did not get a return call.  I also found the representative’s communication over email to be curt and lacking in customer service. Taking our business elsewhere.

West Coast Moving Systems

dina l.Armondo, Luis, and Jim were THE BEST! This is the second time I’ve used WCM and they are professional and fair priced. I highly recommend them for your move. Thanks for making everything stress free! Dina and Joey

Gerard C.We just had a great experience with West Coast. Of all the places we called, they were the only one to come out for a visual and as a result had the lowest quote.

I will say that we were charged for a long distance move, but it turns out it wasn’t. I am honestly ok with that as long as the extra money goes to the energetic guys they had moving us. It was good group of young men that were very quick but cautious at the same time. They really helped out with some extra requests we had, and did not want to leave until we were absolutely sure we had everything where we wanted it to be.

Lenora E.I was not satisfied with my experience with this moving company. The guys were very nice and friendly and they worked quickly. However I feel like a lot of things were incomplete. Example our portable ac was not completely brought over from our old house, the window attachment was left .And the cushion from our patio swing was left at our old house because it was wet. Also the glass from our hutch was left at our old home. I felt like there were larger items that couldn’t be boxed that could have still been brought over like our lights . They have too many rules and ways to increase the moving cost. 3 years ago a moving  company we used was more affordable and did an excellent job with making multiple trips to get the job done. This is the last time I will use this company.

Skip S.This owner asked that I remove my review, but in following ethical principles I can’t do. I did not have a signed contract with this company and I as a courtesy reached out to them 48 hours prior to the tentative move date! I have all e-mail communications, including from this Family Guy.  I will not be threatened to change or remove a legitimate review – likely another reason to select another company!  Good Grief! My next call is to BBB.